The Sefer Yetzirah: Cube of Space
The Dimensions of Consciousness

Sephirot, Seal, Direction, Formative, Planet, Contrary, Zodiac from Adam Kadmon's Perspective
Based on ancient versions of the Sepher Yetsira/Book of Formation

Metapsychology of the Cube of Space
Sephirot Belimah
Seals and Axes
Depths of Directions
Planetary Binomials
Planetary Formatives
The Cube of Psychological Space

Seven Doubles: Contrary Qualities (B'Oulam)
Seven Doubles: Days (B'shinah)
Seven Doubles: Openings (B'nefesch)
Seven Doubles: Tarot Correspondences

Arms of the World in Three Spheres
Twelve Simples B'Olam: Signs of the Zodiac
Twelve Simples B'Shinah: Months
Twelve Simples B'Nefesh: Organic Actions
Twelve Simples B'Nefesh: Organs of the Body
Twelve Simples: Tarot Correspondences

The Ari-Gra Lurianc Cube
Golden Dawn Cube

The Physical and Psychological Faces
Planetary Contrary Energies as Virtues and Vices
Stoic Philosophy: Four Powers of the Hegemonikon
Blake's Four Functions

Cognitive Metaphors and Psychoanalytic/Psychodynamic Mappings

Circular Zodiac: Hebrew Formative Letter, Sign, Double, Contrary

Sepher Yetsira Index